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Opening Times

Sunday Closed
Monday    9:00 H - 17:00 H
Tuesday    9:00 H - 17:00 H
Wednesday    9:00 H - 17:00 H
Thursday    9:00 H - 17:00 H
Friday    9:00 H - 17:00 H
Saturday Closed

Phone  : 418-496-3697

Fax       : 418-496-3936

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Welcome especially to all hunters, collectors and firearms enthusiast.

Notice to all our customers

we will be closed

monday, october 14

Notice to all our customers

The hunting season is now started, during this period we carry out no firearm finishing (Blueing and lacrosse finishing) as well as the changes of the gun on rifle.

For all other repairs, allow a delay of 8 to 10 days.

  Thank you.

 Manufacture and installation of parts of firearms.

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