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Opening Times

Sunday Closed
Monday  Closed 
Tuesday    9:00 H - 17:00 H
Wednesday    9:00 H - 17:00 H
Thursday    9:00 H - 17:00 H
Friday    9:00 H - 17:00 H
Saturday Closed

Phone  418-496-3697


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Welcome especially to all hunters,

collectors and firearms enthusiast.

Finish matte
$ 200.00
Finish semi-gloss
$ 240.00
Finish luxury custom $ 290.00

Finishing acrylic for buttstock gun and rifle

Finish matte
$ 230.00
Finish semi-gloss
$ 290.00
Finish luxury custom $ 440.00


Work at the time $ 65.00 of time depending on the weather.

Estimate on request.


Manufacture of stock Thomhole for right-handed or left-handed depending on the brand and model here available colors.

( Price on request )

Image Gallery

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